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Mine Water and the Environment Best Paper Award

IMWA Best Paper AwardThe “Mine Water and the Environment Best Paper Award” is an award granted to the best paper written in the IMWA journal “Mine Water and the Envionment”. Each member of the International Editorial Board ranks the three best papers published within one volume (4 issues) and the Editor-in-Chief evaluates the results and makes the final decision. Both, technical papers as well as technical communications are qualified for the Best Paper Award. Usually, the winner is selected in the first half of each year and is announced during the following IMWA Congress or Symposium.

Award Winners


Ihssan Dawood, Michel Aubertin

PDFEffect of Dense Material Layers on Unsaturated Water Flow Inside a Large Waste Rock Pile – A Numerical Investigation. – Mine Water and the Environment, 33 (1): 24–38, 10 fig., 2 tab.; Heidelberg.


Santiago Jardón, Almudena Ordóñez, Rodrigo Álvarez, Pablo Cienfuegos, Jorge Loredo

PDFMine Water for Energy and Water Supply in the Central Coal Basin of Asturias (Spain). – Mine Water and the Environment, 32 (2): 139--151, 5 fig., 4 tab.; Heidelberg.


Hans Albert van der Sloot; Andre van Zomeren

PDFCharacterisation Leaching Tests and Associated Geochemical Speciation Modelling to Assess Long Term Release Behaviour from Extractive Wastes. – Mine Water and the Environment, 31 (2): 92–103, 7 fig., 3 tab.; Heidelberg.


Anna A. Bogush; Vladimir G. Voronin

PDFApplication of a Peat-humic Agent for Treatment of Acid Mine Drainage. – Mine Water and the Environment, 30 (3): 185–190, 3 fig., 2 tab.; Berlin.


Susanna Kihlman; Tommi Kauppila

PDFTracking the Aquatic Impacts of a Historical Metal Mine Using Lacustrine Protists and Diatom Algae. – Mine Water and the Environment, 29 (2): 116–134, 9 fig., 1 tab.; Berlin.


Natalie Alyssa Singer Kruse; Emma Gozzard; Adam P. Jarvis

PDFDetermination of Hydraulic Residence Times in Several UK Mine Water Treatment Systems and their Relationship to Iron Removal. – Mine Water and the Environment, 28 (2): 115–123, 2 fig., 3 tab.; Heidelberg.


Robert S. Hedin

PDFIron Removal by a Passive System Treating Alkaline Coal Mine Drainage. – Mine Water and the Environment, 27 (4): 200–209, 5 fig., 6 tab.; Berlin.

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